A top what? You must be joking.

I had a minor freak out a little while back when one of my colleagues at work mentioned that we each had to put together a top 10 list for the end of the year, and that this top 10 would then be on display for our customers, in store to pick and choose from.

So what, big deal. This may be the natural reaction for most but for me a top 10 list is something I avoid with all sense of irrationality. I just can’t do it. The closest I ever got was 2 years back weaning a ‘most listened to’ list of about 30 albums down to 15 – and that took all my effort and then some! Note that I didn’t order this list, it’s just an unordered most listened to list. Tactful!

It’s not that I won’t or can’t commit to picking a favourite (or is it and I just don’t know that yet…?) It’s that I never have just one favourite. My favourite yesterday or an hour ago can be different to tomorrow’s favourite depending on my mood, the weather, what I’m wearing, if I just heard something on the radio. You get the picture.

So how does one possibly choose just 10 albums from an entire year of output? And while we’re talking about difficult, how about remembering what was released in January all the way back here in October!

I’ll admit I enjoy perusing other people’s lists that float around in December and January. Not so much to see what they’ve picked but more as an exercise in remembering what I’ve forgotten from the start of the year. That’s the part I enjoy – revisiting the music I tucked back on the shelf a little too well and forgot about.

So, how’s this list of mine going? It’s a page full of scribble. The stuff I’m in love with now is easy to list, the music I was gushing over at the start of the year… well some of it I still gush over, other bits I need to spot to get the warm fuzzy. Then how do I choose? I’ll probably end up with two lists. One full of the things I really feel, that take me somewhere, and one that’s more work friendly – but for now here’s HTRK. I can’t get them out of my head and I’m quite happy keeping them there.