Distraction, procrastination, blocked words

It seems to always be the case that when my mind is procrastinating or blocked about a piece of writing I have to do, that the ideas flow for a piece of writing I don’t have to do. I’ve been fighting it this time but decided to raise the white flag and at least jot some of the ideas down as maybe, just maybe getting them out of my head will allow for a clear flow in what I need to be doing.

Is this what happens to everyone else?

What I end up with is an ever-growing collection of unfinished, unedited, unpublished posts. I find writing them in this interface useful as it’s often different to the one I’m stuck and staring at the screen in.

I do think it serves a purpose – especially when I’m blocked (not just distracted) in the piece I should be working on. What I write here is a brain dump. It’s what I’m thinking, as it comes out with little if any editing. It reminds me that I can string a sentence together (sometimes) so whatever issues I’m having getting the ideas out of my head on that other piece are temporary. The words will come.

Some of these unpublished posts are two or three times the length of the piece I should be working on, and they fell out of my head in no time at all. They’re not flippant little pieces like this but are often highly reflective, exploratory pieces that will probably sit hidden forever. That doesn’t bother me. They’ve performed their function which was to unblock the writing portion of my brain that had been doing its best to drive me nutty. Sometimes I like my chocolate without nuts.