Geoffrey O’Connor – Vanity Is Forever

The new Geoffrey O’Connor album has been one of my most anticipated releases of late. That has a lot to do with timing. Just prior to the announcement that there was to be a new album I’d gone in heavy with a revisit of the last Crayon Fields release. The disc was off the shelf and in the car and was also on strong rotation on my iPod.

When the lead single Whatever Leads Me To You dropped I liked what I was hearing and was itching for the release of the full album. Perhaps that eagerness was to blame, but on first listen of the album I was underwhelmed. Excluding the single I felt like there was no punch.

Too much anticipation can destroy even the best of things but luckily on this outing as the tracks progressed so did my appreciation. By the time I reached Idle Lover I’d softened my assessment, by Now & Then it was very much growing on me and by Like They Say It Does and Bad Ideas I knew I’d be hitting play again for an instant repeat listen, and then another…

It’s funny. The opening track So Sorry that formed part of my original dispirited reaction to the album I loved the second time around. It’s fun and cheesy and like the whole album dripping with lashings of 80s fuelled synth-pop. As always with anything penned by Geoffrey O’Connor the clever lyrics alone keep you entertained. There’ll be something you missed, didn’t hear the last time, to bring a smile to your face.

So why the initial luke-warm reaction? Maybe I was expecting an album full of tracks just like the lead single. After a few days and some stretched out listens I’m happy there’s variety and I feel this album will seep into my summer, just as All The Pleasures Of The World did two summer’s prior. It’s currently sharing prime position on the listening post with HTRK’s Work (Work, Work), but I know there’ll be plenty of other great releases before the hot weather peaks.