Things I’ve discovered in my trial semester back at uni

I selected my taster subjects well.

My doc did pick a rather inopportune time to mess with my migraine medication. Choosing the six month period when I will be reading more, spending more time in front of a computer screen and more time watching film is not the best time to pull me off what works to try something else.

At some point in the past 20 years I’ve lost the ability to “just write”. It appears I’ve become programmed to edit as I go which inevitably hampers the flow of ideas onto the page. While writing the first of my final essays for the semester it got to the truly ridiculous point of having a huge brightly coloured sticky note proclaiming STOP EDITING, JUST WRITE. EDIT LATER! stuck in front of me. This at least helped.

I really do enjoy learning. Ok, that one was a given. I’m constantly digesting information but it’s been lots of fun learning with a group of like minded people. Tutorial discussions in particular with lots of ideas bouncing around the room were particularly enjoyable.

Even though I was only working a few days a week and studying part time I still managed to over fill my week. I’m not seeing any surprised faces at this point. All that know me will be accustomed to my ever expanding diary and desire to squeeze just that little bit more out of life. There’s an upside and a downside to this approach; I manage to fit a large variety of activities into each week but at the risk of running myself down and at times leaving my mind so full and muddled that having a conversation with me can be a very confusing experience. While I’m physically there with you my mind can be racing through the mounds of things I’ve sent it, scheduled myself to do, wondering about dates, bills, this, that and a little of xyz.

So next semester I’ve decided to take a break. Give some time to me. Pick a few of the things on my never ending list and slowly, at an enjoyable pace get around to them. It’s time to give my mind a chance to just be before I take the real plunge and apply to get into that degree course. I now know I have the interest, desire and passion to pursue that line but first I know I must take the time to stop. Allow myself the time to read some of those neglected books, finish that sewing project, sit in the park and draw – simply put stop putting off the me things for everything and everyone else.


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