The hidden garden!

There was a big shout out of SHOOOOSH just now. They’re talking of a walled hidden garden in the Melbourne CBD about to have a public opening. Is this the hidden garden? The one I, and many of you I guess, have walked past countless times wishing for a peak inside.

Is it? Could it be?

I am very excited to report that yes it is. I speak of the private walled garden at The Melbourne Club.
Now, next Sunday when some of you will flock to St.Kilda for the annual festival I shall be heading eagerly into the city to ensure I have prime viewing of this hidden gem. It is part of Australia’s Open Garden Scheme allowing access to ‘…some of Australia’s most inspiring private gardens”.
The important bits.
Sunday 13 February 2011
(No bookings required)
Address: Enter via Ridgeway Place (off Little Collins St), Melbourne
Directions: Melway 1B:U7. NOTE: No photographs permitted
Open: 10am-4.30pm. $6.00, no charge for children under 18
Image and important bits from

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