Help! I’m melting, it must be my birthday.

I’ll start with an apology. It’s my birthday so if you feel the need to blame anyone for this savage heat, I’m here.

I don’t wish for the heat but for as long as I recall it’s been (pleasant) hot, or just plain HOT on my birthday.

As a kid we usually had water fights as part of my birthday party (a pre-drought childhood, those were the days). My school-day birthdays were also back when Victoria still had 3 school terms, so it was always school holidays. (This was a good thing in case you’re confused.)

Last year it was in the upper half of the thirties and I’m fairly sure that the year before saw a 45+ day (celsius, not fahrenheit).

So yes, you may as well pop it in your calendar now. No matter how distant any signs of Summer are throughout December and January come the 30th of January expect heat!


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