Christmas & I: party week!

The village is complete!

The house is decorated.
Yep that is a fake fireplace, we go all out here.

Party treats are baked.

But before the party it was necessary for a strong dose of distraction in the form of some Triple R fun time. A visit to a friend’s fill-in of Film Buffs Forecast followed immediately by Grande Ole Twang! Here’s Tim Thorpe’s video from Grande Ole Twang III from his vitalbits YouTube channel:

Sunday, party day.
I must say that the weather was perfect for a Christmas party. Cold, wet and wintery in the middle of summer. What more could you ask?
It is of course safe to say that I prepared far too much food and there were ridiculous quantities of drinks, though due to an (un)fortunate incident involving Tara letting her car battery run flat outside the Astor Theatre the “we’ll get there at 5” gang didn’t arrive until 6 and were hankering for dinner-like savoury food – which I still had in heavy supply and encouraged them to munch through. (no room in the fridge!)
It was lots of fun having people over a week before Christmas to eat, drink and be merry. I’m thinking this should be a new tradition.

Today is a rest day then Tuesday the madness can begin again; there’s still all of the gifts to bake!


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