Christmas & I: moving right along

A week ago today I made a toffee lake and stream! That’s something I won’t get to say too often. Ok not just me, Tish and I did it. Turns out it’s a challenge to slowly increase the colour of the toffee (blue/green) while preventing it from getting too hard – so you can still bend and stretch it, altering the shape when set.

You might have guessed by now that I’m talking about the gingerbread village. Here’s a quick sketch of the “first round” layout which naturally was flipped, reversed and altered as soon as we started placing fake props on the board.


It turns out life got in the way of the village last week and all that was done by the close of the weekend was the toffee, the creation of pattern pieces for the gingerbread structures and finally the baking of the gingerbread pieces. It will have to be all hands on deck next week to have everything done by mid-week.

Did I mention we are having a Christmas party on the weekend?

Life. It’s easy to go crazy on Christmas plans and preparation plus still run around having a busy social life. No not Meredith, but stuff back in the city.

Last week I was lucky enough to see Broadcast play at the Hi-Fi Bar and I was so very happy to be there. Their music and live show is the type of gig that envelops you, completely surrounds you. The images, the sounds, Trish’s sweet, sweet voice. You are drawn into their world for that brief moment in time. It’s a beautiful world.

No sleep in though, the following morning was the OB for the 3RRR Breakfasters at The Corner Hotel. Lots of my friends present and accounted for this year but overall numbers looked a bit down. Perhaps the bad weather for Meredith saw people leaving earlier to pitch their tents? Anyway – fun and hilarity was had.

Saturday saw a day of volunteer work. The Australian Film Institute (AFI) Industry Awards were the night before and Saturday is the main telecast & awards night, also the big after party. I was allocated to assist with the set up for the after party in the Regent Ballroom. I must say I did very much enjoy wandering around in the guts of the Regent – a bit of a maze that I mastered by the end of the day. There were so many flowers too; gorgeous big vases of blue hydrangeas. The entire ballroom smelt like a florist and looked amazing by the time the guests moved downstairs.


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