The other colour*

We’re going to a friend’s 40th on the weekend. It’s down the west coast way at her folks’ property so that a large cross-section of her friends can come – you know, those with/without kids, younger/older, those heading to the Queenscliff Music Festival (which is on the same weekend) and those planning to drink too much as there’s lots of space for camping…

Jen’s loads of fun and I’m looking forward to her party but the catch and it’s not that it’s on the same day as the state election. The real catch, the one she added to the invite to make us all cringe and suffer as well as giving herself a constant source of amusement leading up to the event – YOU MUST WEAR WHITE!

She’s not joking either. To up the challenge we will be “playing lawn inspired games” in these white clothes. Ugh.

I don’t think I’m making a huge assumption here but I imagine that this would be quite a stretch for most people I know (an all white outfit).

After attacking the wardrobe I was able to confirm that the closest I come to white are three off white dresses that 100% belong in the evening wear category. Slimline sparkly dresses you would not be attempting say boule, tunnel ball or perhaps a three-legged race in.

As a result for the past fortnight I’ve been scouring the local op shops in a futile attempt to find something white to wear. I honestly thought this would be a reasonably simple task but I was rather mistaken. The party is now two days away and I still only have my evening dresses. At this rate I’ll forget all else I’m supposed to bring on the day, her present, everything as all I’ve been thinking about is a damn white outfit!

Have I mentioned that the current forecast has us looking at rain and possible thunderstorms for this lovely all white garden party! Bless.

*Black/white – are they a colour? Depends on whether you’re talking light or pigment…


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