Me, before I remember

The other week I was asked what I knew about my earliest years, before memories, and about the experience my mum had while she was pregnant with me.

That’s how to stop a conversation. I had no idea but as I was going to see my mum the following weekend I was determined to quiz her as these were facts I was now eager to find out.

My mum’s a good sport. It was an amusing, interesting chat. One I’d strongly recommend you have with a parent if you are able to do so. (I also got the goss on my brother, win!)

What did I find out?

I appears some of my food tendencies began on day one in this world. I REALLY NEVER DID LIKE MILK. I’m vegan now and never liked milk as a child or teenager but it turns out that when I was a little bub I wouldn’t have a bar of mother’s milk or formula either. It took my poor mother hours to feed me, she had no relief until I was old enough for solids!

My mum never was surprised when I turned vegetarian and then vegan. Maybe she knew…

It wasn’t all bad. I may have tortured my mum for the first 7-8 months after I arrived but I was apparently a dream pregnancy for her before that, no morning sickness or anything. I also wasn’t one of those clingy, crying kids when it came to saying good-bye come time for kinder and school. I was more than happy for both of these milestones.

So now I have more to fill the early childhood black hole than memories of playing in my favourite yellow smocked dress with the red & white ric-rac trim!

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